Physically, but not socially distant!

Aug 17, 2020 | Family Resources

With social distancing becoming the new norm, our first thoughts turn to those we love and love to be around. How can we still stay safe yet connected to our loved ones? As social creatures, humans need to interact with others. Thanks to technology it’s easier than ever to talk to friends and family.

Technology-based interaction allows:

Online visiting
At The Blake, we make frequent use of technology. We use Amazon’s Echo Show to communicate with new residents. These devices are reliable, easy to use and best of all, help us stay connected. We also make use of Facetime, video messaging through Heart Legacy, and use It’s Never 2 Late, which allows our residents to use a program called Skype to talk to their families. With this technology, a loved one is never more than an instant away.

Online groups
Did you know that through technology you can also connect with others who share your same interests? From online book clubs to sports talk, if you have a passion or hobby, there is a way to find a like-minded group of individuals, make new friends and continue to enjoy the things you love when you aren’t able to experience them as much in person. You can even play games with others online such as Scrabble or Words with Friends!

There are also ample opportunities for community engagement:

Pens Pals
Community-based connections are incredibly important. They also can be easy to make. Simply contact a school, community center or even your local first responders and ask for pen pals! The Blake at Bossier City partners with Legacy Elementary to match residents and 4th graders as Pen Pals throughout the year.

Prefer to let someone else do the asking? Ask a family member with a social media account to encourage others to write to you. Throughout the pandemic, residents in our communities have been flooded with notes, cards and care packages from loved ones (and even strangers) near and far.

Did you know that gaining a young friend in your community is not only fun for you, but for a school child it can be an important part of their education? Writing letters allows them to practice neat penmanship and social skills while learning about someone else in their community. Many of these children go on to make lifelong connections with a senior and gain a mentor who can help them learn about the things that you both have in common, like enjoying gardening, animals, fishing or volunteer work. Your encouragement, life experience and friendship might be just what both of you need.

Do you have a skill that others admire? Take the time to teach them! Whether virtually or in person, use that skill, like crocheting, painting or speaking a second language to help others in your community.

Though many are currently separated by physical space, the day will come when we can hold hands and hug each other again. Until then, being separated doesn’t have to mean being separate, with so many ways available to spend time with each other. Use these strategies to enjoy time with those you love while making new friends.

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