Dear Residents, Families and Health Care Partners,

First, I would like to thank you for your support of our efforts to maintain the health and safety of our community during these challenging times. We are pleased to report that The Blake does not currently have any resident or staff cases of COVID-19.

I understand that you are eager to understand our plans for moving forward. Because our residents represent the most vulnerable population, senior living will be slower to ease restrictions than many other industries.  At the same time, we are prepared to implement a step-by-step approach that promotes both safety and optimism in our community.

The Blake plans to begin easing visitation restrictions effective June 1st in accordance with state and local mandates. We have created five phases of reopening depending on current regulations; as well as whether the local area continues to see a decrease in cases of COVID-19.  The amount of time spent in each phase is dependent on state specific guidelines.  The situation continues to evolve, and we may have to make modifications to our plans. Key elements of our planned phases include:

  • Health care partners being allowed to resume treatments and therapies that are deemed essential to the health and well-being of the resident; but not necessarily required for end-of-life care.

  • Salon operations will resume as states allow.

  • Admissions will resume with strict COVID-19 criteria and screening including:

    • A negative COVID-19 test result prior to admission.

    • Move-in procedures will be carefully monitored to ensure safety for our current residents and team members.

    • New residents must agree to self-quarantine for 14 days after admission.

    • An additional COVID-19 test will be administered to new residents between days 7-10 post-admission. A negative result will be required before the quarantine period is lifted for new residents.

  • When appropriate, immediate family members will be able to visit residents by appointment only.

    • A visitation calendar will be maintained at the concierge desk.

    • All guests will continue to enter through the front lobby and will complete the COVID-19 screening process at our Accushield terminal and receive a name badge.

    • During this phase, we request that visits be limited to two guests per resident; and no more than 20 guests will be allowed in the community at a time.

    • Our concierge and leadership team will assist you with scheduling these appointments.

    • It will be vital that all guests practice responsible social distancing, wear face coverings according to CDC recommendations and practice safe handwashing and use of hand sanitizer.  In an effort to conserve our stock of vital supplies, visitors are requested to provide their own face covering.

  • When state restrictions allow, residents will be able to enjoy meals in the main dining room and small group activities may be allowed.

    • During this phase, the dining room will be limited in capacity and reservations will be required.

    • Our team will extend dining hours to ensure that our residents will have as much time as possible to dine in the main dining room.

    • In-apartment meals will continue to be offered at no charge.

    • We will ensure that residents practice social distancing while in common areas.

    • It will be important that all residents and guests practice safe distancing and follow our team’s recommendations as they move through common areas and eat in our dining rooms.

  • We anticipate in future phases that additional restrictions will be lifted.

    • Visitation restrictions will be lifted where our families and guests will be able to visit without a reservation.

  • All guests will continue to enter through the front lobby, will complete the COVID-19 screening process and will receive a name badge.

  • Our dining room, coffee shop, salon and bar will resume full operations.

The Blake will provide more details as each phase is implemented. We understand the importance of close communication and are posting regular updates at We are ready and available to answer your questions and address any of your concerns.  Please contact our Executive Director if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Glenn Barclay